Need An Eitzah is a free frum Jewish question and answer site. You can ask anything you want so long as it relates to Jewish life in some way. Questions do not have to be Halacha based, and can even be based on the way our society is today. Questions can also be of any topic under the sun, as long as the point of asking it here would be to get a chareidi point of view on the matter. So now that you understand, ask away!
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Torah was meant to be studied, and taught to others (Lilmod U'lelameid).

I have been privileged to do both, and strive to continue so.

One way of teaching Torah is through writing.

Teaching Torah on the web has the potential of reaching millions of students, who you would never have reached otherwise. Your teaching can be ongoing 24 hours a day, and will possibly remain in cyberspace even after you die.

A serious question deserves a serious answer. Ask one, and I hope to be able to answer it.

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