Need An Eitzah is a free frum Jewish question and answer site. You can ask anything you want so long as it relates to Jewish life in some way. Questions do not have to be Halacha based, and can even be based on the way our society is today. Questions can also be of any topic under the sun, as long as the point of asking it here would be to get a chareidi point of view on the matter. So now that you understand, ask away!
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Need An Eitzah is a frum Jewish question and answer forum. Itís not an advertising hotspot nor a money making website, although we are not saying that there wonít be a lot of people checking out your own personal user page if you happen to be a valued user. However the point of this website is to help frum Jewish people with all kinds of problems.

This site reminds me of the stack-exchange style sites? Donít they have their own Jewish one too? Well, it is based on that but with two big differences. The first is that their site is very strict on bringing a source for everything one says. However we believe that not everyone remembers where everything is, and just because a person forgot the source does not mean the opinion is not true. However, bringing the source will most often result on more people upvoting your post! The second difference is that although stack-exchange does have a Jewish forum, unfortunately it seems to have attracted the modern orthodox community as well and some of their questions tend to be of subjects that our community would generally not talk about in public. While in no way do we think it a bad place, we are targeting ultra-orthodox Jews like us (or Chareidim as we like to be known) who would prefer a more Heimishe atmosphere!

The Need An Eitzah reputation system is like an uphill track. You start at the very bottom, but once the system learns to trust you, youíll be able to do much more than just write your own posts, such as closing and deleting questions. No matter what background you come from you are welcome and we would love to hear what you have to add. That said, we are also very strict. Rule violations are taken very seriously over here, and repeated rule violations will result in the offending account being blocked. By whom, you ask? Through a joint effort from the community and the admin team, questions that are contrary to frum values will be spotted immediately and deleted, and their authors banned from the site. But as these occasions are very rare baruch hashem, the site is able to flourish day after day.

What makes this site so different from other forums out there? We offer a forum which makes good posts stand out, and gives valued users the credit they deserve. We also have strict moderation from the community enabling us to uphold the values we all believe in. Need An Eitzah is extremely easy to use and very rewarding. We have tried to make it useful yet fun at the same time and with a voting system like ours, the competition can be slightly addictive.

Why not check out the faq to find out how this site actually works? Should you need to contact us, just fill out a form at our contact page. Hopefully, a reply will not be long in coming. reserves all rights!   © 2018

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